If you thought it was hot when you go on holiday imagine being in a place where the top temperature soars at 94° F/34°C.

Dallol in Ethiopia is the hottest place in the world with a consistent temperature all year round.

It's so hot there that no humans are not able to live there and the spring waters and acid ponds bubble with the heat.
There aren't even any roads and the railways that were present were destroyed in the second World War. The only way to access the site is by camel caravans who go there to collect the salt.

Parts of some unfinished buildings from the 1960's still remain from the main road part and over time salt canyons have developed from erosion of the uplifted areas.

Salt Canyons

Such an attraction does tend to be popular with curious tourists who love to explore the land, and there have been concerns that damage has been caused to the structures and the geothermal area. Because of this security on the area might have to become tighter.

Building Remains

There is also a volcano Crater that last erupted in 1926. The use of the place is mainly for salt and has been so since 1951.

This is probably one of the most beautiful ghost towns I have seen. I wonder if anyone had actually managed to live there at some point, or if it just got to the building stage?

2 Dec 2014