Home Comforting Renting - Paris

You always have the excitement of going away on a short break or holiday, but after a few days we can get home sick. Especially if you're stuck in a stuffy hotel room with nothing but the TV and kettle to occupy you!

Going away to Paris? You can imagine there would be quite a few hotels in that tourist hot spot wouldn't you? How about considering apartment rentals in Paris instead?

This way you get the whole apartment to hang out in and the space you need to go about your day when you're not venturing out site seeing.

With hotels you will always pay a daily rate and hire out by the day. But if you know you're going to be in Paris for a few weeks or even months in can get quite costly paying out for just a bedroom. The apartments give you to opportunity to rent out short term.

They are owned by people who actually live in the property when its not being rented out so is constantly looked after and maintained. Plus the majority of the apartments will be right in the heart with the Parisians, so you will be able to mingle in with the community effortlessly.

29 May 2012