What to do at hospitalization during vacation

This picture looks lovely, doesn't it? The sun is shining at the tourists on their way to the Alpine tour downhills at skis. But the experienced skier knows that there lies danger in the snow. So if the skis son't do what you expect them to and you end up at the nearby hospital instead at the lift, what do you do?

EU citizens get hospitalization for free

If your are a EU citizen and get injured within the EU, you can get your expenses through your social security. That is how the law works within the EU jurisdiction. All expenses are to be paid by your own home country. And you as a patient are free to choose a hospital that can provide the best treatment as possible. And, let's say you need care for a longer period, not only because you hurt a minor limps or so, but need a surgery or so, then you have to choose a caregiver that fulfills your needs.

Choose a hospital that emphasize ERAS

If we assume that you need a longer stay at a hospital, and you have to choose a caregiver for a surgery and aftercare, then you should choose a ceregiver that are specialised in ERAS, that is Enhanced Recovery After Surgery and something for you to prioritize. You will get home sooner and feel better with a caregiver that are taking ERAS in their aftercare.

18 Dec 2017