Snowy season

We are just entering that time of year where we either go for holidays in really exotic places where palm trees are swaying in the warm breeze and colorful fish are swimming under the sea; or we take to snowy hilltops for skiing, snowboarding or just enjoying cozy fireplaces and great company. The lucky people do both, but most of us choose between the one or the other. I am usually a beach kind of person, but this year I am going with my friends for a week in Val Thorens, for skiing and - of course - afterski. Val Thorens, specifically, is well-known for its party scene, so I am looking forward to a very fun holiday in the snow.

Reading up

I have done som skiing before, so I am not a complete beginner. However, it's been four years since I last put my feet in ski boots, so my confidence is not the best. I am reading as much as I can, especially on which is an excellent ski site.

When it comes to skiing you need so much expensive stuff. I have never bought my own clothes or gear because I am not really a true enthusiast. I find renting the gear and some of the clothes to be the best alternative for me. That way I don't have to drag it around either, so I can travel relatively light. I really feel for my friends who have everything themselves, because it is a lot! I just have my own jacket, trousers and glasses.

10 Dec 2018