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Snowy season

10 Dec 2018

We are just entering that time of year where we either go for holidays in really exotic places where palm trees are swaying in the warm breeze and colorful fish are swimming under the sea; or we take to snowy hilltops for skiing, snowboarding or just enjoying cozy fireplaces and great company. The lucky people do both, but most of us choose between the one or the other. I am usually a beach kind of person, but this year I am going with my friends for a week in Val Thorens, for skiing and - of course - afterski. Val Thorens, specifically, is well-known for its party scene, so I am looking forward to a very fun holiday in the snow.

Reading up

I have done som skiing before, so I am not a complete beginner. However, it's been four years since I last put my feet in ski boots, so my confidence is not the best. I am reading as much as I can, especially on which is an excellent ski site.

When it comes to skiing you need so much expensive stuff. I have never bought my own clothes or gear because I am not really a true enthusiast. I find renting the gear and some of the clothes to be the best alternative for me. That way I don't have to drag it around either, so I can travel relatively light. I really feel for my friends who have everything themselves, because it is a lot! I just have my own jacket, trousers and glasses.

What to do at hospitalization during vacation

18 Dec 2017

This picture looks lovely, doesn't it? The sun is shining at the tourists on their way to the Alpine tour downhills at skis. But the experienced skier knows that there lies danger in the snow. So if the skis son't do what you expect them to and you end up at the nearby hospital instead at the lift, what do you do?

EU citizens get hospitalization for free

If your are a EU citizen and get injured within the EU, you can get your expenses through your social security. That is how the law works within the EU jurisdiction. All expenses are to be paid by your own home country. And you as a patient are free to choose a hospital that can provide the best treatment as possible. And, let's say you need care for a longer period, not only because you hurt a minor limps or so, but need a surgery or so, then you have to choose a caregiver that fulfills your needs.

Choose a hospital that emphasize ERAS

If we assume that you need a longer stay at a hospital, and you have to choose a caregiver for a surgery and aftercare, then you should choose a ceregiver that are specialised in ERAS, that is Enhanced Recovery After Surgery and something for you to prioritize. You will get home sooner and feel better with a caregiver that are taking ERAS in their aftercare.


2 Dec 2014

If you thought it was hot when you go on holiday imagine being in a place where the top temperature soars at 94° F/34°C.

Dallol in Ethiopia is the hottest place in the world with a consistent temperature all year round.

It's so hot there that no humans are not able to live there and the spring waters and acid ponds bubble with the heat.
There aren't even any roads and the railways that were present were destroyed in the second World War. The only way to access the site is by camel caravans who go there to collect the salt.

Parts of some unfinished buildings from the 1960's still remain from the main road part and over time salt canyons have developed from erosion of the uplifted areas.

Salt Canyons

Such an attraction does tend to be popular with curious tourists who love to explore the land, and there have been concerns that damage has been caused to the structures and the geothermal area. Because of this security on the area might have to become tighter.

Building Remains

There is also a volcano Crater that last erupted in 1926. The use of the place is mainly for salt and has been so since 1951.

This is probably one of the most beautiful ghost towns I have seen. I wonder if anyone had actually managed to live there at some point, or if it just got to the building stage?

Home Comforting Renting - Paris

29 May 2012

You always have the excitement of going away on a short break or holiday, but after a few days we can get home sick. Especially if you're stuck in a stuffy hotel room with nothing but the TV and kettle to occupy you!

Going away to Paris? You can imagine there would be quite a few hotels in that tourist hot spot wouldn't you? How about considering apartment rentals in Paris instead?

This way you get the whole apartment to hang out in and the space you need to go about your day when you're not venturing out site seeing.

With hotels you will always pay a daily rate and hire out by the day. But if you know you're going to be in Paris for a few weeks or even months in can get quite costly paying out for just a bedroom. The apartments give you to opportunity to rent out short term.

They are owned by people who actually live in the property when its not being rented out so is constantly looked after and maintained. Plus the majority of the apartments will be right in the heart with the Parisians, so you will be able to mingle in with the community effortlessly.

Amsterdam Smoking Hotels

16 May 2012

In general you would think that smoking in Amsterdam hotels would carry the same rules as most hotels non smoking policy.

But if you're a traveller where its important you can smoke in your room there are some near Dam Square that offer this in their vicinity, rooms or both.

Canadas Luxury Wilderness Resort

3 May 2012

If you're looking for a hotel in Canada why not go for one that has been voted the No. 1 Luxury Hotel?
The Sonora is a five star all inclusive luxury wilderness resort, where you can get the ultimate adventure and peace and quiet all in one.

Fish on salmon-filled waters, get up close to wild animals, venture through remote glaziers via helicopter or get an adrenaline rush riding on the ocean rapids.

And for the peace and quiet seekers you can indulge in the rejuvenating spa retreat or take in a relaxing game of golf on award winning courses.

Romantic St Lucia - Resort

25 Apr 2012

When you want to go away on a Romantic Vacation the surroundings of your hotel resort are always as important as your hotel facilities. Ideally it would be great if it was just the two of you but not many people have got the money to hire out a whole resort!

Luckily there are couples only resorts where you can enjoy the peace and quiet and relax just like everybody else there wants to. There would be no interruptions from lively families. No offence to children (I am a mother of two myself) but sometimes its nice to take a break from it all if you are able to and that includes other peoples children too!

There are some lovely all inclusive Resorts St Lucia. One in particular is the Rendezvous boutique resort near Malabar beach.

You even have the option of a personalised room with the 'Room Retreat.' In the Room Retreat you can decide how you want to the mood of your room to be set. For instance flower petals layed out on the bed, soft music piping out in the background, candlelight and exotic scents to create a bit of romance in the air!

Rendezvous also offer a personalised private dining experience that is set to your own preferences that includes the head chef preparing your meal, a musician serenading you on a quite spot on the beach amongst other options.

Have a look at the website to find out more, view numerous pictures and request a brochure and DVD.

Short term Paris Apartment - rentals

20 Apr 2012

Paris is one of the most popular cities to visit from around the world, so you can probably imagine how many hotels there are nearby all the attractions.

But with all the hustle and bustle and excitement of sightseeing its sometimes nice to go back to some home comforts instead of a clinical looking hotel room.

If you know you're going to be out there for a while it might be worth looking into apartment rentals in Paris France. As apposed to your standard rented properties you can rent these for just weeks or months at a time rather than a fixed long term.

Sometimes there is even the opportunity to exchange with Parisians too where you can swap homes. You stay in theirs and they stay in yours.

The great thing about renting an apartment is you get a whole living space instead of just a room. There is no getting up a certain time to catch breakfast or making sure you are back in time if there are no option of late keys. You can just come and go whenever you like just like you would if you were residing at your home residence.

But as wonderful as this all sounds you need to remember that you would be agreeing to a term. Its not like a hotel where you can check in and out whenever you like. So if you do consider this option to make sure you are in the area you need to be in for recreational or working purposes.